vzkernel-debuginfo - Debug information for package vzkernel

License: GPLv2
Vendor: Virtuozzo
This package provides debug information for package vzkernel.
This is required to use SystemTap with vzkernel-3.10.0-693.11.6.vz7.40.4.


vzkernel-debuginfo-3.10.0-693.11.6.vz7.40.4.x86_64 [377.8 MiB] Changelog by Konstantin Khorenko (2018-01-06):
- vznetstat: Convert some kmalloc()/kfree() to __vmalloc()/vfree() (Kirill Tkhai) [PSBM-79502]
- vznetstat: Add protection to venet_acct_set_classes() (Kirill Tkhai)
- ms/mm/mempolicy: Add cond_resched() in queue_pages_pte_range() (Andrey Ryabinin) [PSBM-79273]
- ms/sctp: do not peel off an assoc from one netns to another one (Xin Long) [PSBM-79325]
- ve: fix container stopped state check (Stanislav Kinsburskiy) [PSBM-78078]
- fuse: fuse_request_send_background() must clear FR_PENDING (Maxim Patlasov) [PSBM-78342 PSBM-74661 PSBM-74660 PSBM-74226]
- net: Fix use after free and double free in get_net_ns_by_id() (Kirill Tkhai)
- ms/mm, thp: Do not make page table dirty unconditionally in touch_p[mu]d() (Kirill Tkhai) [PSBM-78359]
- ms/dccp: CVE-2017-8824: use-after-free in DCCP code (Mohamed Ghannam) [PSBM-78647]
- ms/KVM: VMX: remove I/O port 0x80 bypass on Intel hosts (Andrew Honig) [PSBM-78651]
- mm/tcache: replace BUG_ON()s with WARN_ON()s (Andrey Ryabinin) [PSBM-77154]
- tcache: Repeat invalidation in tcache_invalidate_node_pages() (Kirill Tkhai) [PSBM-78354]
- ms/ipsec: Fix aborted xfrm policy dump crash (Evgenii Shatokhin) [PSBM-78287]
- ms/NFS: Don't call COMMIT in ->releasepage() (Trond Myklebust) [PSBM-77949]
- fs/fuse/dev: improve ->splice() with fragmented memory (Andrey Ryabinin) [PSBM-77949]

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