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autofs - A tool for automatically mounting and unmounting filesystems.

License: GPL
Vendor: Scientific Linux
autofs is a daemon which automatically mounts filesystems when you use
them, and unmounts them later when you are not using them.  This can
include network filesystems, CD-ROMs, floppies, and so forth.


autofs-5.0.1-0.rc2.143.el5_5.6.i386 [891 KiB] Changelog by Ian Kent (2010-11-02):
- Bug 648411 - autofs5: segfault in close_mount()
  - add mutex to serialize access to mount module handle in parse module.
  - dont check null cache on expire.
  - fix null cache race.
  - fix cache_init() on source re-read.
- Resolves: rhbz#648411
autofs-5.0.1-0.rc2.143.el5_5.5.i386 [889 KiB] Changelog by Ian Kent (2010-10-15):
- fix negative cache included map lookup.
- Resolves: rhbz#642612
autofs-5.0.1-0.rc2.143.el5_5.4.i386 [889 KiB] Changelog by Ian Kent (2010-08-04):
- fix changelog entries for bz615258 and bz615259 referring to incorrect release.
- Related: rhbz#615258 rhbz#615259

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