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dhcp - DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server and relay agent.

License: distributable
Vendor: Scientific Linux
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a protocol which allows
individual devices on an IP network to get their own network
configuration information (IP address, subnetmask, broadcast address,
etc.) from a DHCP server. The overall purpose of DHCP is to make it
easier to administer a large network.  The dhcp package includes the
ISC DHCP service and relay agent.

To use DHCP on your network, install a DHCP service (or relay agent),
and on clients run a DHCP client daemon.  The dhcp package provides
the ISC DHCP service and relay agent.


dhcp-3.0.5-23.el5_5.2.i386 [867 KiB] Changelog by Jiri Popelka (2010-08-26):
- The server's "by client-id" and "by hardware address" hash table lists
  are now sorted according to the preference to re-allocate that lease to
  returning clients.  This should eliminate pool starvation problems
  arising when "INIT" clients were given new leases rather than presently
  active ones. (RHBZ #627572)
dhcp-3.0.5-23.el5_5.1.i386 [866 KiB] Changelog by Jiri Popelka (2010-08-09):
- A partner-down failover server no longer emits 'peer holds all free leases'
  if it is able to newly-allocate one of the peer's leases. (RHBZ #621838)

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