tetex-afm - A converter for PostScript(TM) font metric files, for use with TeX.

License: distributable
Vendor: Scientific Linux
Tetex-afm provides afm2tfm, a converter for PostScript font metric
files. PostScript fonts are accompanied by .afm font metric files
which describe the characteristics of each font. To use PostScript
fonts with TeX, TeX needs .tfm files that contain similar information.
Afm2tfm will convert .afm files to .tfm files.

If you are installing tetex in order to use the TeX text formatting
system and PostScript(TM) files, you will need to install tetex-afm. You will
also need to install tetex-dvips (for converting .dvi files to PostScript
format for printing on PostScript printers), tetex-latex (a higher level
formatting package which provides an easier-to-use interface for TeX), and
tetex-xdvi (for previewing .dvi files in X). Unless you are an expert at
using TeX, you should also install the tetex-doc package, which includes
documentation for TeX.


tetex-afm-3.0-33.8.el5_5.6.i386 [3.8 MiB] Changelog by Jindrich Novy (2010-09-20):
- fix epstopdf error when converting eps with bounding box (#635666)

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