Scientific Linux (SL) 3.0.5

February 10, 2005

These RELEASE NOTES only contain Issues and Limitations

See SL.documentation/*RELEASENOTES* for vendor notes

See SL.releasenote for info about this specific release


Upgrades from prior versions.

UPDATES are NOT supported for all versions of SL . This is NOT something that we changed.

UPDATES will NOT work from anything except RedHat AS 2.1.


Cisco Aironet 350 wireless ethernet card

If you install Windows patch xxx in addition to upgrading the windows driver it also upgrades the firmware in the Cisco 350 wireless card. Info from Cisco follows. The "good" firmware is 4.25.30 or 1.6.7 or 1.5 . If it is 5.20.17 then it is the BAD firmware. I got these firmware versions from the Cisco website.

"Recommended repair is a firmware down-grade of the Cisco Aironet 350 PCMCIA network interface card as Cisco has not released a updated Linux for the upgraded firmware as of yet."

Xircom ethernet

Will panic the kernel.

3com 905 ethernet (Not the A or B or C version)

Seems like orginal 905 does not work but 905a does.

Make sure Plug-n-Play if OFF in your bios. This has made some 905's work.

Also seems like there is a kernel bug tickled by kudzu. So to get this card to work you will need to turn kudzu off.

chkconfig --level 35 kudzu off


XFree86 and ATI

After the successful install (again using the graphical X-windows install) and after what appears to be a successful boot up, I get a blank screen and just sits there.

Both the Radeon and Nvidia driver in this XFree86 4.3.0 release does not detect that you are using the digital port of flat panel monitors.

The easy thing to do is plug into the analog port until you can get past the install.

sgi_fam with tcpwrappers(/etc/hosts.deny)

Error messages /var/log/secure such as

Jan 22 12:33:33 systemname xinetd[25122]: FAIL: sgi_fam libwrap from=

Jan 22 12:33:33 systemname xinetd[3819]: START: sgi_fam pid=25123 from=Jan 22 12:33:33 systemname xinetd[25123]: FAIL: sgi_fam libwrap from=

Only solution so far is to change /etc/hosts.allow to allow sgi_fam with

fam: ALL

This could be a security risk so you must decide.

redhat-config-packages This rpm only installs packages via cdrom. It is not useful. It does NOT work so do NOT try to use it. Use yum instead. It is useful. It is only included here because rpms have dependencies on it and I do not want to change those to remove the dependencies.


The "final link" to each of the libraries is missing.

Should be <- <-

But is <-

Solution is to install Xfree86-devel. This rpm will make the missing links.


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